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Ilizarov Surgery

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Ilizarov Surgery which is mainly done for orthopedics like lengthening, reshaping of bones and bone fracture treatments. Ilizarov surgery is mostly done for arms and legs.

The treatment indications first started with closed fracture management, Nonunion treatment both septic and aseptic, lengthening, deformity correction, joint contracture, Arthroses which include osteotomy and articular repositioning, bone defects and certain occlusive vascular diseases.

The tension wireframe has many advantages

1. Favorable biomechanics allows the precise control of motion at the fracture site which is favorable for bone healing.

2. Preservation of biology in the zone of injury where there is no need for any surgical insults.

3. No implants have to be placed in the zone of injury which mitigates the risk of infection.

4. Early weight-bearing

5. Dynamic treatment modality which includes deformity correction and bone defect management.

Disadvantages are probably as significant as the advantages

1. Patient selection

2. Duration of treatment

3. Compliance becomes an issue in bone lengthening or deformity correction

4. Quality of life

Some of the Illizarov techniques are

1. Limited ORIF of the articular surface

Limited open technique

Minimize soft tissue injury

Anatomic reduction, interfragmentary compression

Alternatively, compression can get through articular reduction with olive wires

2. Placing the reference wire parallel to the articular surface

3. Preassembled frame placed

Distal and proximal rings balanced on reference wires perfectly parallel to the articular surface.

Additional wires are placed

4. Add additional stability and fine-tune the reduction

Add additional olive wires

Half pins (benefits)

i. increased rigidity over the fine wires

ii. Generate less heat necrosis in diaphyseal bone

iii. Allow fixation and unsafe zone

iv. Steerage pins for oblique patterns

v. HA-coated for durability which decreases infection

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