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Tooth Problems


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Dental treatment mainly deals with the oral health of your teeth and gums. Generally, a dentist will take care of all your dental problems like root canal treatment, fillings, and clips. The tooth is the second hardest tissue in the human body which covers enamel throughout the tooth which is the largest area of the tooth. We have cementum which is a little bit harder but still a hard structure of the tooth and this covers the root of the tooth from the crown to the tip of the root.

The fourth main structure of the tooth is the pulp which is composed of the blood vessels as well as nerves, lymphatic’s and a variety of primitive connective tissue and this is housed in what we call the pulp cavity a chamber with an inside tooth that is completely surrounded by dentin.

The pulp can be divided into two areas one is the pulp chamber and the other is the root canal. The tooth is divided into two parts one is crown and the other is root. Our hospital will provide the best consultants who are masters in dental surgery with vast experience and do all regular dental checkups like root canal treatment, dental fillings, and gum surgeries.

The aphorism of our hospital is that human care is more important than healthcare. We endow with free specialty health care to the least affordable. Our services are provided with a dedicated and committed team of trained and well qualified.

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