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Disorders of Urinary Tract


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Urology is a surgical specialty concerned with a diagnosis treatment and the construction of disorders of the male and female urinary tract. The male reproductive organs and the female pelvic floor among these disorders are those involving the kidneys ureters bladder.

Prostate gland testes the penis as well as pelvic floor prolapse in women. The urologist also deals with a range of other conditions such as erectile dysfunction may infertility urinary stones and urinary incontinence.

In urology, there is widespread use of minimally invasive surgical techniques which expect to treat surgical problems with maximum efficiency while simultaneously limiting cuts and injury to the body.

The department of urology headed by two exceptionally talented experts has been conducting ESWL, TURP – prostate surgery, PCNL, Kidney biopsies, Cystoscopy and significant urology strategies.

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