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Deals With The Lungs

Pulmonology & Respiratory Medicine

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Pulmonology means the medicine that is dealing with the lungs and the respiratory system. The treatment who does for the lungs is called pulmonologist where lungs are sponge-like air filled with organs situated on either side of the chest and are protected by the ribcage.

The lungs function in the respiratory system is to bring oxygen from the atmosphere into the body and to remove carbon dioxide from the bloodstream.

Respiratory medicine which mainly used for the treatment of lungs and blood vessels and many others. It also deals with asthma, pneumonia. We provide the best team of a pulmonologist who deals with all types of disorders very effectively. We deal with all types of respiratory disorders like asthma, Tuberculosis, Lung failure, OSA which has been the major contribution to sickness.

The aphorism of our hospital is that human care is more important than healthcare. We endow with free specialty health care to the least affordable. Our services are provided with a dedicated and committed team of trained and well qualified.

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