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Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery can be generally categorized into the cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgery from head to toe there are some procedures called hair transplantations and face there is a surgery called blepharoplasty which removes excess skin near eye and rhinoplasty surgery which do for the nose. There is breast surgery which is called breast augmentation. These are the most commonly done plastic surgeries.

In plastic surgery, the word plastic means to mold or shape and especially for reconstructive. Plastic surgery involves repair, replacing or filling in defects all over the body. A significant portion of what plastic surgeons do is breast reconstruction fixing injuries and craniofacial surgery to fix cleft palates and cleft lips on kids who are born with congenital problems.

Our hospital will provide the best team that conducts various surgeries like reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries, breast augmented surgeries, cleft lip repair, facelift, hair transplantations, rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, liposuction, flap surgeries, and many trauma and vascular surgeries with the best outcome.

The aphorism of our hospital is that human care is more important than healthcare. We endow with free specialty health care to the least affordable. Our services are provided with a dedicated and committed team of trained and well qualified.

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