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Nervous System


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Neurology is the branch of medicine dealing with the disorders of the nervous system like the brain, the spinal cord of the central nervous system, Nerves, Muscles and neuromuscular junction of the peripheral nervous system. The most common neurology disorders affecting the children are like a brain tumor, cerebral palsy, Chiari malformation, craniofacial abnormalities, craniosynostosis, developmental disorders, Encephalopathy, Epilepsy, and others, etc.

Neurological disorders are caused by a dysfunction of the peripheral or central nervous system caused by faulty electrical impulses in the brain of the spinal cord. Cardiovascular issues can lead to neurological disorders. There are 600 types of neurological disorders and each of these disorders is unique. The surgical discipline focused on treating those central and peripheral nervous system diseases which mean neurosurgery.

Our team of neurology deals with all kinds of disorders. The treatment will be different for different disorders so the doctors will go through the evaluation and diagnosis process to come up with the treatment plan. Before going to the treatment we also check diagnostic procedures for the nervous system which include CT scan, EEG and MRI So that the doctor knows his medical history and he knows what type of treatment to be given.

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