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Nervous System

Neuro Surgery

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Neuro Surgery which is done by Neurosurgeon who deals with nerves and nervous system of the body. The nervous system includes the brain and spinal cord. Our brain rests safely under the skull and our spinal cord is protected safely under the bony spinal column. The spine is very flexible and it gives safe protection to the spinal cord.

If there is any problem within the brain or spinal cord due to tumor, anomalies since birth, infection, and diseases related to blood vessels this can be done by Neurosurgeon called Neurosurgery. Surgery in these type of cases are complex and time consuming such as brain tumor, road accident, brain hemorrhage, fall from heights, diseases from birth like excessive water in the brain, Patient has swelling in the back since birth.

There are other ailments like movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease where due to rigidity person cannot walk and may need surgery if medical treatment fails. Disc Prolapse where there is a pain in the lower back or back of the neck which may need surgery for severe unrelenting pain or neurological deficits. Apart from that Neurosurgeons do brain angiography to detect problems in blood vessels and this disease can be treated in Neuro-Cath Lab with stents and coils without any cut of body.

People who suffer from headaches and backache go to the neurosurgeons in that only two percent of the people need surgery if they have a major defect in the body and other people are treated with medicines, physiotherapy, and changes in lifestyle. Patients who need surgery could have problems like a brain tumor, hemorrhage or congenital problem and other symptoms can be loss of vision, decreased hearing, smell, taste, and headache. Repeated vomiting and early morning headache indicate a brain tumor.

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