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Endoscopic Surgery

Minimal Access Surgery

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Minimal access surgery which means using smaller incisions instead of larger incisions to do the same of work in a more precise way. Minimal access surgery was started in the year 1999.

There are many benefits to doing minimal access surgery. By using the tiny camera which is placed in the abdominal cavity can see what is happening and they captivated it up to video monitoring equipment so that everyone can see what is happening so that the entire team could look at the monitor what is going on.

The advantage of minimal access surgery is it can be done by small incisions, stay in hospital will be less, Quick recovery time, and less scarring, low risk of infection, blood loss will be reduced. Our hospital will make available of well-qualified surgeons for doing minimal access surgery.

The aphorism of our hospital is that human care is more important than healthcare. We endow with free specialty health care to the least affordable. Our services are provided with a dedicated and committed team of trained and well qualified.

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