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Introducing my self.

Dr. Rahul Reddy did his post-graduate on orthopedics from Prathima Medical College at Warangal. He has completed his MBBS from MVJ Medical College, Bangalore. He can handle all the complex fractures of hands, legs like when a bone gets fractured. Dr. Rahul Reddy can also handle and diagnose the treatments of cancers in bones for all ages of the people. He mainly deals with bone and joint problems. He was an expert in Trauma, Joint Replacement and arthroscopic surgeries. He can be able to handle all types of trauma.

Dr. Rahul Reddy will be providing the best treatment to the patients who suffered from joint problems and arthroscopic surgeries & he also advises the patients to do exercises and physiotherapy treatments so that the patients can recover fast.

Patient Safety

Medivision provides high-quality outcome and safe experience through our health echo system because everyone in Medivision super specialty hospital is committed to provide safety and quality of the patients. Consultant Doctors are treat the patients in a user-friendly manner. Everything at the hospital is well sanitized. The atmosphere is safe and non-infected. The diet provided to patients and their attendant is under control of Dietician with strict quality control. Following are few facilities available to the Medivision super specialty hospital:

  • 24 hours intensive Care availability
  • Four stainless steel operation theatres equipped with state of the art equipments
  • Dragar anaesthesia work station.
  • 24 beds ICU complex well equipped for handling acute to critically ill patients.
  • Multi-Slice 3D CT scan
  • Digital X-Ray 650mA. & Portable X-ray Machine
  • ECG | 2D Echo | Color Doppler | TMT
  • 24/7 Trauma Centre
  • Siemens 4D Ultrasound
  • Stryker Laparoscopic & Orthoscopy equipment
  • Laser Machine for General Surgery & Urosurgery
  • Upper G.I. Endoscope and Colonoscope

Like a statue of Liberty, unruffled by changing times, Medivision super specialty hospital a state of art hospital continues to provide health services, because to us “EVERY LIFE MATTERS”.
You are requested to provide us a chance to serve you.

Dr. Rahul Reddy Kasarla

MD Ortho

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